Slim Envelope Harness Bag

Slim Envelope Harness Bag

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        Made in a modern and minimalist aesthetic, the Slim Envelope Harness is a must-have for those who want to combine style with function. Formed of a simple waist belt and adjustable straps over the shoulder, the piece features a slim envelope at the waist that can hold small essentials, such as credit cards, banknotes or keys.

        Being fully adjustable, the harness can easily be paired with a dress for a chic look or with a blazer for a formal casual outfit. Moreover, if you feel like wearing just the belt with the slim envelope bag, you can do so by detaching the shoulder straps.

  • Waist Bag Size: Height- 7 cm, Width- 11 cm, Depth – 1.5 cm
  • Adjustable at the waist and shoulders
  • Designed to be fitted on the waist
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Materials: Italian Full Grain Leather and Nickel Plated Hardware

How to choose the correct size

1. To choose the right size, we recommend using a soft measuring tape (tailor tape). The tape should fit comfortably around the measured area. Not to tight, nor to loose.
2. Ideally, your measurements should fit towards the center of the selected size. For example, if your waist measurement is 72 cm, the best size for a belt is 65- 77 cm. If your measurements are between sizes, we can always make a custom size for you. There is no extra cost for that. Just contact us and will recommend you the perfect size. 
3. Additionaly, you should consider how you want to wear the product. If, for example you want to wear a belt over a coat, the measurement should be taken with the coat on. 


4. In every product description we specify how it is designed to be fitted. Considering this, the chart below indicates where each measurement should be taken from. 

Sizing diagram showing the measurement points on the body.

Shipping / Delivery / Returns

Shipping: Each product is handcrafted and it takes 3-7 days for an order to be shipped from the purchase date.

Delivery: Deliveries are made in 3-5 days from the shipping date.

Returns: If you want to return or exchange your order, please reffer to Shipping and Returns Policy