Terms and conditions


  1. Definitions and terms

HAUTE CUIR represents the commercial denomination of the company SC CREATIVE CRAFT SRL, juridical person registered in Romania, with headquarter at Mitropolit Visarion Puiu Street, 35, Locality: Ciohorani, County: Iasi, with registration number J22/1669/2017 and Tax Identification Number 37714858


BUYER- any natural or juridical person, or any other juridical entity that performs an Order and/or creates a User Account on the website.

CLIENT- any natural or juridical person or any other juridical entity that has access to the website content

USER ACCOUNT- the part of the website, formed of an e-mail address and a password, that allows the Buyer to make Orders and that also contains information about the Buyer and its website history, such as past orders, recently visited products, etc.

FAVOURITES- the website part that allows the Buyer to create wish lists with favorited products that can be later added in the shopping cart

WEBSITE- hautecuir.com domain and all its subdomains

ORDER- an electronic document that allows the Buyer to transmit an order to the Seller, using the website

CONTRACT- the distance contract concluded between the Seller and Buyer, without their simultaneous presence. The distance contract is concluded when HAUTE CUIR sends the Buyer the confirmation for order acceptance.

CONSENT- any free will, informed (and without ambiguity) manifestation, through which the Buyer accepts, via a declaration or obvious action, the Terms and Conditions and , where applicable, that the Buyer accepts to have their Personal Data processed in the manner they were informed about.

PERSONAL DATA- any information that allows the identification of a natural person, such as first name, surname, address, phone number, etc.

NEWSLETTER- a regular mean to inform, exclusively by e-mail, about products and/or carried out promotions by HAUTR CUIR in a given period.

TRANSACTION- the collection or reimbursement of a sum resulted from selling a good or service by HAUTE CUIR, to the Buyer, through the utilization of payment processor accepted by the Seller


  1. About the products and services offered by hautecuir.com

            The products sold by HAUTE CUIR through its website are handcrafted leather accessories, made from high quality materials. Each product undergoes a details quality control before being shipped.


            The leather we are using is 100% real leather


            Hautecuir.com reserves the right to select its Clients. The products that are sold through hautecuir.com are in new condition, unused, in original packing and accompanied by invoice and Guarantee Certificate.


            The pictures used on the Website have the role of presenting the products sold. HAUTE CUIR tries to display the products and their colors as precise as possible but the devices you use (phone, PC, tablet, etc) can influence the way they are displayed. At the same time, because we are using natural leather, small differences of shade and/or texture can appear.

            HAUTE CUIR puts all the necessary efforts in avoiding this small differences and also in showcasing the products as precise as possible.

            Tacking the above mentioned aspects into consideration, these small differences are not considered defects or flaws, and by placing an Order, the Client accepts these details.


            The services offered by HAUTE CUIR are referring to product customization in regards to size or certain design elements and also to the creation of products on demand, that are not sold or marketed by HAUTE CUIR.

            HAUTE CUIR reserves the right to modify the price of a products that needs to be customized in regards of sizing or design.


  1. The rights and obligations of the Contracting Parties

            By placing orders on the Website, the Buyers accepts the communication method (e-mail and/or telephone) through which the Seller conducts its commercial activity

            For justified reasons, the Sellers reserves the right to modify the quantity of the ordered goods, only with prior notification via the contact information provided by the Buyer at the moment of order placement. The Seller has the obligation to refund the sum of money corresponding to the products for which the quantity has been modified.

            The contract between the Seller and Buyer is considered concluded when the Seller informs the Buyer about the acceptance of the order through the contact information provided by the Buyer when placing the order

            The Client expressly accepts that the simple utilization or accessing the Website means the full and unconditioned acceptance of the present document, along with its subsequent modifications.


            SC CREATIVE CRAFT SRL reserves the right to modify the content on this document at any moment, without prior notification of the persons utilizing it. The Clients have permanent access to Terms and Condition for consultation.

            Terms and Conditions can be modified as follows:

  • If there are changes in the way SC CREATIVE CRAFT SRL operates
  • If there are changes of legal requirements or new legal requirements are promulgated
  • If there are changes in the way payments are accepted
  • If there are changes of the Website or technology used


            Each order is subject to the Terms and Condition available at the moment of placing the order.


  1. Copyrights


         Any graphic representation (static or dynamic, text, multimedia content, trademark, draw, industrial model, commercial denomination) on the Website, represents the exclusive property of HAUTE CUIR

            The Client is not permitted to copy, distribute, publish, modify, expose, utilize or transfer to third parties, any type of content, in any other way than the original, intended method established by the Seller, unless the Seller clearly agrees.


  1. Placing orders, Invoicing Policy and Payments

5.1 Orders can be made by following the next steps:

         - submitting the compulsory information for placing an order (first name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, delivery address)

            - selecting the payment method

            - if the case, submitting a discount code

            - acceptance of terms and conditions

            - placing the order by clicking the “Complete Order” button


            After placing an order, HAUTE CUIR will confirm it by sending an e-mail of order confirmation

            Taking into account that all the products on hautecuir.com are handcrafted, the lead time for an order to be shipped is 3-5 days but can take up to 9 days, depending on what the concerned Buyer order contains. The volume of orders at that given time also influences lead times. In case the processing time of an order exceeds 5 days, this will be communicated in two days’ time from the date the order is placed. 

            In the case of a custom order, the processing time is established while discussing the order details.


5.2 Prices and Payment Methods

         The prices for the products published on hautecuir.com contains 0% VAT.

            The product prices and any possible shipping expenditures can be payed to the Seller by the Buyer, in accordance with the Contract, using the following payment methods

  • card payment        

         When ordering a custom made or personalized product, the price is established while discussing the order details.

            The payment for a custom made or personalized product must be made fully, in advance.


5.3 Invoicing policy      

         The price, payment method and payment term will be established at each Order. The seller will issue an invoice to the Buyer, the latter having the obligation to provide all the necessary information for making the invoice, according to the law.

            The seller will send the invoice to the Buyer either electronically and/or in physical format.

            The card information used to make the payment for the order will neverbe accessible to the Seller. The card information will never be stored by the Seller or by the payment processor on the website, but only by the Transaction Authorization institution or any other entity authorized to provide card identification data storage.


  1. Shipping and return policy

6.1 Shipping

            For orders shipped in Romania, the delivery will be made according to the method selected by the Buyer at the moment of order placement.

            For international orders, the orders will be shipped with DHL Express Worldwide. In case the delivery address is outside the coverage area of DHL Express, the Seller reserves the right to contact the Buyer to establish a new delivery option.



            The standard delivery time for orders shipped in Romania is 1-2 days from the shipping date.

            The standard delivery time for International orders is 3-5 days from the shipping date.


            The shipping for orders of ----- and above is free.

            In case the delivery to the address provided by the Buyer can’t be made, the Buyer will be contacted (by phone or email) by DHL Express for rescheduling the delivery. If delivery can’t be made, the parcel will be returned to the Seller’ address, resulting in delivery refusal by the Buyer.

            Delivery refusal is subject of non-compliance of the Contract and can be considered an abuse. In this case, the Seller reserves the right to:

  • invoice the total shipping cost (from Seller to Buyer and from Buyer to Seller) in case of COD
  • retention of the total shipping cost from the paid amount of money, when card payment applies, in which case the Seller will send the Buyer an invoice for the retained amount


            In case of delivery refusal for a custom or personalized order, the Seller will contact the Buyer for resending the parcel. For custom orders, the reimbursement of money is not available.   


            To resending a parcel as a result to delivery refusal, the shipping fee will be borne by the Buyer, even if the initial shipping was free.


 6.2 Customs Duty and Taxes  

         For international order, Customs Duty and Taxes can apply, depending on the law in each country. These costs are borne by the Client. Because taxation is influenced by different criteria, we can’t predict these costs, thus we recommend to contact the local Customs office or taxation authority for precise information.


6.3 Returns and Refund

         If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.

         Our clients can return a product in 14 days from the delivery date. For the return to be accepted, the products must be unused, in the initial state and packed in the original packing, along with the accompanying elements (Care Guide, Gift, etc.)

            Right after receipt, HAUTE CUIR will verify the product condition and will communicate the Client if the return is accepted. If the case, photos will be made to illustrate the condition of the returned products.

            When the return is accepted, HAUTE CUIR will refund the product value in maximum 30 days through bank transfer to an account specified by the Client.

            The client is responsible for paying the shipping cost for returning a product. If shipping is arranged by us, the shipping fee will be deducted from the refunded amount.          

            Custom made products (size customization, design personalization or products made on request) can’t be returned.   

          Before making a return, please contact us to check and establish the return conditions.



  1. Cookie policy

            In order to provide a smoother navigation on the hautecuir.com Website, we use a browser feature called "cookie"

            A cookie is a small file that needs the permission of the Customer / Buyer to be saved on his hard drive. Once accepted, the file is localized and helps analyze web traffic or memorize the preferences of a frequently visited site. Cookies help web applications to provide personalized answers, the latter being able to modify some parameters to meet the needs of users, gathering and storing information related to their preferences.

            In conclusion, cookies help us to provide a more optimized Site, depending on the preferences of the Customer / Buyer, because it gives us the opportunity to monitor what you consider useful or useless in a web page.

            A cookie does not give us access in any way to your device or other information, except for those for which you give your consent to share it with us.


  1. Privacy Policy

            Any provided information to the Seller by the Buyer/ Client will remain in the Seller property.

            The Buyer/Client in will make no promotion, press communication, public declaration or any other type of disclosure to third parties, about the Order/Contract without the Seller prior written consent.


8.1 Processing of personal data

            By privacy policy, we understand the conditions by which SC CREATIVE CRAFT SRL use the personal data. The data we use are those that help us identify a user when utilizing the Website. These data will only be used according to the present privacy statement and only with the purpose the personal data were collected for.

            As the owner of hautecuir.com, SC CREATIVE CRAFT SRL respects the private character and the security of personal data processing for each person that access the website for placing an order.

            According to the legal requirements, SC CREATIVE CRAFT SRL has the obligation to administrate the personal data that is provided in safe conditions and only for the specified reasons.


8.2 Personal data collected

  • first name and sur name
  • IP
  • Contact information (e-mail addess/ phone number)
  • Demographic information (address, zip code)
  • Relevant information for market research or special offes


8.3 Data collection purposes

  • Informing users about their account on hautecuir.com
  • Informing clients about their order status
  • Assessment of offered products and services
  • Publicity, marketing and statistics

8.4 Data collection methods

Newsletter subscription

            According to the GDPR laws, we inform you that the personal data requested in this form (name and e-mail address) by HAUTE CUIR are used in good faith for the purpose of periodically send you (2-5 campaigns/ month) information about promotions, products and events.

            This personal data will be stored until the moment you express the desire to unsubscribe, resulting in their deletion. The information can be sent to our partners (MailChimp or other potential providers of similar services), but only for the purpose mentioned above.

            You have the right to request unsubscription at any time and ,at the same time,  deletion of the e-mail address from our database using the following methods:

  • By clocking the unsubscribe button found in the newsletter footer
  • By sending a unsubscribe request to contact@hautecuir.com

 When creating a user account

            According to the GDPR laws, we inform you that data requested in this form (name, phone number, address, e-mail address) are not used for marketing and/or statistics purposes. The data is collected only to facilitate the process of placing orders or tracking them, and also to keep your buying history on this website.

            This data will be stored until you ask to delete the account, exception being made when the provided information are at the basis of orders for which invoices have been issued (situation where the information must be held for 10 years time, according to the law).

            To modify, delete or rectify the provided data through this form, you can send an email to contact@hautecuir.com

 When placing an order

            Depending on the case, we can offer access to certain personal data to the following categories:

  • courier service providers
  • payment service providers
  • marketing service providers
  • market research service providers
  • IT service providers

            In case we have the legal obligation or if it necessary for defending the legitimate interest, we can divulge some personal data to public authorities.


8.6 Rights

            You have the right to access the personal data we own and at the same time, to request their modification or deletion. To exert this right, you can contact us at contact@hautecuir.com

            Also, you have the right to formulate a complaint to a supervisory authority if you feel that your rights are violated.


8.7 Privacy Policy modifications

            The Privacy Policy can suffer modification in order to include the new legal requirements.

            For more information about the privacy policy, you can contact us at: contact@hautecuir.com


  1. Guarantee

          We are offering a 30 days guarantee from the date of delivery for the products bought from HAUTE CUIR, for any eventual flaw or defect that is discovered in this period.


          Conditions in which the guarantee cannot be applied:

  • damage caused by mechanical shocks
  • improper maintenance of products
  • improper use of products
  • damage caused by prolonged exposure to heat, fire, water, snow, ice, moisture, alcohol, etc.
  • damage caused by calamities such as accidents, theft
  • damage caused by improper transport, handling and storage


         It is not considered defective so it is not subject to the application of the warranty:

  • ribs, small color differences, subtle irregularities, considered particularities of natural leathers that show the authenticity of leathers used in making products
  • small irregularities present as a result of manual making

            The warranty is applied by the following methods:

  • repair / modification of products
  • replacement of products in case the repair / modification is not possible
  • return of the equivalent value


         Recommendations for the care of HAUTE CUIR products

            It is recommended to clean the products after each wear as follows:

  • the leather parts should be wiped with a soft cloth, slightly damp, and let dry at room temperature
  • the metallic elements should be well wiped with a dry cloth
  • It is NOT recommended to expose the products to heat sources, humidity, water, solutions containing alcohol, fire

            Avoid contact with rough or hot surfaces that can cause scratches, unsightly marks, burns and discoloration.


  1. Dispute Settlement

         This contract is subject to Romanian law. Any disputes between the Seller and the Customer will be settled amicably and if this is not possible, the disputes will be resolved by the competent Romanian courts.

         For dispute resolution we encourage you to contact us at the e-mail address: contact@hautecuir.com. At the same time, you can appeal to the body of Online Dispute Resolution by submitting a complaint form at:



  1. Limitation of the supplier's liability

            The Seller cannot be held liable for any damage that the Buyer or any third party may suffer as a result of the Seller fulfilling its obligations, nor for any damage resulting from the use of the products after delivery of for their loss.

            By creating and using the Account, the Client assumes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the Account access data (username and password) and for managing the access of the Account.

            By creating / using the Account or placing Orders, the Client unequivocally accepts the Site Terms and Conditions from the latest updated version on the site.


  1. Major force

            Neither party will be liable for non-compliance with its contractual obligations if such non-compliance within the term and/ or properly is due partially or totally to a force majeure event.                    

            Force majeure is defined as an unpredictable event, beyond the control of the parties and which cannot be avoided.    

            If the respective event does not end within 15 days, each party has the right to notify the other party of the full termination of the Contract without claiming damages or interest.