Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy         

            Any provided information to the Seller by the Buyer/ Client will remain in the Seller property.

            The Buyer/Client in will make no promotion, press communication, public declaration or any other type of disclosure to third parties, about the Order/Contract without the Seller prior written consent.


Processing of personal data

            By privacy policy, we understand the conditions by which SC CREATIVE CRAFT SRL use the personal data. The data we use are those that help us identify a user when utilizing the Website. These data will only be used according to the present privacy statement and only with the purpose the personal data were collected for.

            As the owner of, SC CREATIVE CRAFT SRL respects the private character and the security of personal data processing for each person that access the website for placing an order.

            According to the legal requirements, SC CREATIVE CRAFT SRL has the obligation to administrate the personal data that is provided in safe conditions and only for the specified reasons.


Personal data collected

  • first name and sur name
  • IP
  • Contact information (e-mail addess/ phone number)
  • Demographic information (address, zip code)
  • Relevant information for market research or special offes


Data collection purposes

  • Informing users about their account on
  • Informing clients about their order status
  • Assessment of offered products and services
  • Publicity, marketing and statistics


Data collection methods

  1. Newsletter subscription

            According to the GDPR laws, we inform you that the personal data requested in this form (name and e-mail address) by HAUTE CUIR are used in good faith for the purpose of periodically send you (2-5 campaigns/ month) information about promotions, products and events.

            This personal data will be stored until the moment you express the desire to unsubscribe, resulting in their deletion. The information can be sent to our partners (MailChimp or other potential providers of similar services), but only for the purpose mentioned above.

            You have the right to request unsubscription at any time and ,at the same time,  deletion of the e-mail address from our database using the following methods:

  • By clocking the unsubscribe button found in the newsletter footer
  • By sending a unsubscribe request to


  1. When creating a user account

            According to the GDPR laws, we inform you that data requested in this form (name, phone number, address, e-mail address) are not used for marketing and/or statistics purposes. The data is collected only to facilitate the process of placing orders or tracking them, and also to keep your buying history on this website.

            This data will be stored until you ask to delete the account, exception being made when the provided information are at the basis of orders for which invoices have been issued (situation where the information must be held for 10 years time, according to the law).

            To modify, delete or rectify the provided data through this form, you can send an email to


  1. When placing an order

            Depending on the case, we can offer access to certain personal data to the following categories:

  • courier service providers
  • payment service providers
  • marketing service providers
  • market research service providers
  • IT service providers

            In case we have the legal obligation or if it necessary for defending the legitimate interest, we can divulge some personal data to public authorities.



            You have the right to access the personal data we own and at the same time, to request their modification or deletion. To exert this right, you can contact us at

            Also, you have the right to formulate a complaint to a supervisory authority if you feel that your rights are violated.

Privacy Policy modifications

            The Privacy Policy can suffer modification in order to include the new legal requirements.

            For more information about the privacy policy, you can contact us at:


Cookie policy

            In order to provide a smoother navigation on the Website, we use a browser feature called "cookie"

            A cookie is a small file that needs the permission of the Customer / Buyer to be saved on his hard drive. Once accepted, the file is localized and helps analyze web traffic or memorize the preferences of a frequently visited site. Cookies help web applications to provide personalized answers, the latter being able to modify some parameters to meet the needs of users, gathering and storing information related to their preferences.

            In conclusion, cookies help us to provide a more optimized Site, depending on the preferences of the Customer / Buyer, because it gives us the opportunity to monitor what you consider useful or useless in a web page.

            A cookie does not give us access in any way to your device or other information, except for those for which you give your consent to share it with us.